• Joanne Sanchez

    Joanne Sanchez

  • John Boo

    John Boo

  • Imran Almaleh

    Imran Almaleh

    Analyzing the Finances and Economics of the World .. Investing | Economics | Business | Opinions — iabconsulting.com

  • Bingran Lu

    Bingran Lu

    Editor @ Data Driven Investor | Your tribe for tech,finance and entrepreneurship

  • Humberto J Perez

    Humberto J Perez

  • Isidro Villaseñor

    Isidro Villaseñor

  • Martin Schwoerer

    Martin Schwoerer

    I’m a businessman and private investor based in Frankfurt, Germany. Also, an amateur musician and a happy bicyclist (2,000 km per year). Hi there!

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