This saying recently inspired me when uttered by a person near and dear to my heart. And no, it was not somebody famous, and more emphatically no!, these thoughts are not to be construed to be political in any way. That I feel I must stress this point is, to…

Photo by Gustavo Quepón on Unsplash

Why have I not officially adopted ESG investing? ESG (acronym for environmental, social and governance) has been broadly embraced by the financial industry, which I criticize in my book Against #shortermism. Wall Street tends towards a ‘flavor-of-the-week’ marketing approach, touting ever-changing investment themes.

While a vast majority (if not all)…

Claudio Brocado

Indep. GLOBAL portfolio mgr; former PM at $LM's Batterymarch,Fidelity,Putnam & RCM (now Allianz Global Investors).Crusader for #finlit & vs #shortermism. RT ≠ E

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